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Advertising-Partnerships-EU-StartupsAre you interested in advertising on With EU-Startups you’ll reach a startup-interested and tech savvy audience from all over Europe.

Our readership consists of aspiring entrepreneurs, CEOs, technical talent, corporate innovators, angel investors and venture capitalists.

Some Numbers: Every month, generates over 450,000 visits and about 800,000 page impressions. EU-Startups currently counts 35,000 Twitter followers, 14,100 Instagram followers, 17,000 LinkedIn followers and 29,500 Facebook fans. Our beloved EU-Startups Newsletter goes out every 7-9 days to more than 52,000 subscribers.

Audience-EU-StartupsOur Audience: According to our recent readership survey, 78% of EU-Startups readers are decision makers. About 40% of our readers are Founders, Co-Founders, or C-level executives. 18% are 18-24 years old, 40% are 25-34 years old, 23% are 35-44 years old, 11% are 45-54 years old, and 8% are 55 years or older. The vast majority of our readers are based in Europe.

Advertising Options: We offer a huge variety of effective advertising solutions such as native advertising (sponsored posts), banner ads, newsletter integration, event sponsorings and many more. Advertise with us now and support independent media. And more importantly: reach your future customers!

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